Leveraging Technology Through Partners

ConjuChem believes there are many attractive potential targets for its Drug Affinity Complex (DAC™) and Preformed Conjugate-Drug Affinity Complex (PC-DAC™) technology platforms covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. However, not every small organic molecule or therapeutic peptide compound constitutes an attractive target for a DAC™ or PC-DAC™ construct, which must be administered by injection. For instance, there are many drug classes and indications where existing orally administered drugs satisfy current patient needs. Other drugs do not require long-lasting activity to perform adequate treatment.

In light of the number of potential targets for the DAC™ and PC-DAC™ development, ConjuChem entertains partnership agreements for its internally- developed programs or for compounds developed by other companies that could benefit from the Company’s DAC™ or PC-DAC™ technologies. By collaborating with other companies, ConjuChem can potentially spread its product risk among more products and different disease states. Our research collaboration partners can help to fund and manage product development efforts, which effectively creates an opportunity for the Company to pursue more development programs simultaneously. 

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