The ConjuChem Corporate Profile

Originating as ConjuChem Biotechnologies Inc. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada - ConjuChem, LLC, is now a privately held Los Angeles, CA-based biotechnology company, dedicated to the discovery of novel therapeutics with an initial focus on diabetes.

ConjuChem is currently managing several research programs in-house and has one product in clinical development. We are focused on discovering and developing new drugs based on our novel technology platforms called Drug Affinity Complex (DAC™) and Preformed Conjugate-Drug Affinity Complex (PC-DAC™). When applied to a compound, DAC™ or PC-DAC™ can create a new drug with similar therapeutic activity but a significantly longer duration of activity in the body. One of the greatest opportunities for the DAC™ and PC-DAC™ technology from ConjuChem is its potential to enhance the therapeutic activity of peptides by increasing the half-life and efficacy, while improving tolerability. Specifically, peptides generally have short durations of vivo activity, which significantly limits their potential as commercially viable therapeutic products.

The DAC™ and PC-DAC™ technology platforms have broad applicability in several targeted indications. We believe there are many attractive potential targets for the constructs being built from these technology platforms. ConjuChem routinely evaluates partnership agreements with other biopharmaceutical firms for research collaborations and licensing agreements while also assessing which programs we may consider developing and commercializing on its own.