PC-DAC™: Insulin

Insulin is a hormone vital to controlling the glucose uptake from blood. Its deficiency leads to severe disorders—type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In life- threatening type 1 diabetes, a patient’s survival depends on quick-acting insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the patient’s objectives are reduction of long-term pathologic consequences, which, at least initially, do not necessitate use of insulin. However, even in type 2 diabetes, insulin becomes necessary after the failure of lifestyle changes or glucose-lowering oral medications. The best insulin regimen for patients with diabetes is the one resembling as closely as possible its natural release. Ideally, there should be a long lasting component in any insulin regimen. This would lead to better glycemic control, reduction in number of injections, and increased patient compliance.

With this goal in mind, ConjuChem has generated PC-DAC™: Insulin based on its proprietary technology. In a normal rat model, the half-life of this conjugate was up to 30 times longer than that of the native insulin. In parallel, its bioactivity was more enduring and exhibited a full glycemic control lasting for more than 12 hours.

Currently, PC-DAC™: Insulin is in the Pre- Clinical Phase