About PC-DAC™

ConjuChem developed Preformed Conjugate-Drug Affinity Complex (PC-DAC™) to complement its Drug Affinity Complex (DAC™) technology. Preformed conjugates are a natural extension of the core DAC™ technology and build on our expertise in albumin bonding. Both DAC™ and PC-DAC™ peptides are designed to retain the therapeutic properties of the original peptides with a much longer duration of activity.

In PC-DAC™ technology, peptides are engineered to attach covalently to albumin outside the body (ex vivo bioconjugation). The PC-DAC™ reacts to an external source of albumin to form the drug product, which is subsequently injected subcutaneously. Ex vivo bioconjugation for developing preformed conjugates has only recently become a viable operation for ConjuChem in human applications because previously the only available albumin was purified from human serum. However, this purified human-derived source cannot be used as part of a drug product due to safety concerns inherent to the source. ConjuChem uses a human recombinant albumin source for PC-DAC™. One of the principal advantages of PC-DAC™ technology is it ensures essentially all DAC™ peptide is bound to cysteine-34 of albumin.

PC-DAC™ has been used to create CJC-1134-PC and PC-DAC™: Insulin.

Preclinical studies have produced encouraging data showing a significantly longer duration of action for CJC-1134-PC as compared with Exendin-4. These data support a human dosing interval of once a week or longer. CJC-1134-PC  is expected to be stable in an injectable solution, thus being very convenient for patients.